Dedicated line logistics system client function introduction

Mini program and website information synchronization

Introduction of the Client Order System Function

For customers, we are divided into PC/WEB terminal, mini program/H5 terminal, PC/WEB terminal is more suitable for computer orders, Mini program/H5 terminal is suitable for placing orders through WeChat or mobile browser access, multi-terminal universal, data Intercommunication and synchronization can give customers more choices. In addition, combined with the mini program function, the function of sharing face orders and sharing logistics trajectories is added, which can be shared with users who ultimately need data with one click.

PC WEB Order System



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H5 WeChat Mini Program

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Process of Cross-border Logistics System

1.Order Online

2.Download Order

3.Schedule a Pickup

4.Store receipt

5.Warehouse collection

6.Centralized delivery


Cross-border logistics system client function introduction

Register Log InMini Program/Official Account WeChat automatic login, support mobile phone number, email verification code login
Home PageQuery orders, check available balance, check user number, affiliated store, chart analysis
Order ManagementOrder online, import order, order list, download face list, modify package, export EXCEL, search by time range, keyword.
Financial ManagementOnline recharge, check balance record, check consumption record, balance record export, my bill, bill download
Member CentreSending address management, receiving address management, modify personal information, modify password

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