The cloud chain cloud warehouse system seamlessly connects with the mall and logistics system

A set of solutions, easy and convenient to build-up business


Warehouse and distribution integration

Warehouse management, order management, inventory management, cost management, location and area management, advanced and advanced, shelf life priority, distribution management

Cloud-warehouse Overseas Warehouse Mode

All functions of warehousing and distribution integration, combined with self-operated order management, platform order management, inventory management of leased warehouses, and leased cloud warehouse management

9 Features
Custom configuration warehouse settings

Configure warehouses, a single account supports the addition of multiple warehouses. Cargo area, shelf, supplier, address library, and storage list classification, etc. can be freely configured

Refined inventory management

For different types of commodities, different commodity inventory management methods are provided. Improve inventory management efficiency and reduce business losses due to incorrect inventory and other reasons

Intelligent warehouse-in and out-warehouse management, providing the best warehouse-out plan

Carry out product entry and exit management according to the minimum specifications of product SKU, separate management records for each batch, first-in-first-out, to ensure that the warehouse inventory is up to date, and to avoid losses due to inventory expiration

Inventory warning system

Set up warehouse commodity inventory warning, promptly warn of insufficient goods in stock, and timely replenishment to ensure sufficient commodity inventory

Picking process, reducing picking time and improving efficiency

Provide picking list, accurate to the batch and location of the goods, improve the efficiency of picking

One-click delivery, orders can be tracked

One-click delivery, order status can be tracked, convenient to understand the latest logistics information of the order in time

Global version

Multiple versions in simplified and traditional Chinese and English

Data Report

Customer data analysis, warehousing resource analysis, inventory analysis, delivery analysis, financial analysis

Open API interface

Can be connected and integrated with ERPOMSTMS data

Warehouse management, order management, inventory management, cost management, location and area management, advanced and advanced, shelf life priority, distribution management

Cloud warehouse function module

Support domestic cloud warehouse, overseas warehouse mode, synchronization of third-party platform orders such as shopify

Multiple Languages

Multiple languages such as Chinese and English


multi-warehouse inventory management, multi-warehouse inventory transfer domestic warehouse and overseas warehouse inventory connection

Product Management

Product management, purchase and sale price management, purchase price and declaration information

Customer Management

Customer management, supply chain management, support customer address management, customer database management

Inventory Management

Unit product check-in & check-out, separate records for each batch, first-in-first-out, the shelf life priority

Order Management

Self-operated orders & platform order management, picking orders are accurate to each product's batches and positions to improve picking efficiency

Data Analysis

Inventory analysis, invoicing analysis, order data analysis, multi-dimensional report

Staff Management

Employee management, you can assign employee permission module permissions and record employee operation logs