Overseas demand for Chinese goods is increasing every year

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multi-regional centralized transportation mode


European and American Consolidation Mode

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia Consolidation Model

Japan & Korea

Japan-Korea Consolidation Mode


Africa Consolidation Model

Consolidation logistics

multi-location warehouse goods self-pickup point mode

Forecast Package

Customers only need to post the items purchased on Taobao, Jingdong, and Pinduoduo to the warehouse receiving address information provided in our container shipping system.After the seller delivers the goods, the package waybill information is forecasted in our system to complete the forecasting operation.

• Background Forecast

Some customers have not done the forecast operation in advance, and they are directly mailed to our designated warehouse. We can also assist in the warehousing operation according to the customer code on the invoice, complete the warehousing, and notify the customer of the goods


• Package Claim

The package sent by the guest does not have any logo, and it will not affect our storage. It will be automatically reflected in the package claim area or the guest forecast will also be automatically placed under the guest’s name.


• Single Ticket Transfer

After the parcel is in the warehouse and weighed, it will directly become an order to be paid, and the customer can directly pay and send it out.


• Box Transfer

After the parcels are stored in the warehouse, they are weighed and placed on the shelves for customers to send the packing instructions and send them away with other parcels.

Message Reminder


• Storage Reminder

When the package is in the warehouse, it will automatically send a message to the user, reminding the user that the package has been put in the warehouse, and let the user proceed to the next step.

• Payment Reminder

When the order is packaged, the user is reminded to pay.

• Shipment Reminder

When the order is shipped, the user is prompted that the order has been shipped, and the user can perform logistics inquiries to track the status.


  • Agent Distribution

You can invite more friends to help you promote, and after the transaction, your friends can withdraw cash with a certain commission percentage of the copyright.


  • Coupon

New user coupons, invitation coupons, order coupons, group coupons



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