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Cloud chain supply chain solutions to solve the problem of dedicated line logistics for you

Operator function introduction

The back-end of the operator is mainly to configure basic functions, such as: stores, warehouses, routes, prices; and manage orders, customers, and financial deduction information; at the same time, it can be used as a warehouse to receive packages, add batches, and deliver operations. The status of the package changes until the customs clearance is completed.

Backstage management, operator functions


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Franchise store function introduction

Home PageQuery orders, check available balance, check user number, belonging warehouse, number of packages this month, current month turnover, icon analysis
Order ManagementOrder online, import order, order list, download face list, modify package, export EXCEL, keyword search, freight query
Store ManagementCustomers’ parcels are warehousing, weighing and payment, creating invoices, managing store customers, and supporting recharge and deduction
Financial ManagementOnline recharge, check balance record, check consumption record, balance record export, my bill, bill download
Member InformationSending address management, receiving address management, modify personal information, modify password, bind WeChat official account

Background management function introduction

ConsoleData summary, display to-dos, quantity of parcels in storage, order overview, operation process, help center, quick links, logistics query, change password
StaffAdd employees, modify employee information, add employee groups, manage employees in the group
CustomerCustomer registration review, editing customer information, viewing customer orders, recharging and debiting customers, adding customer groups, receiving and sending address management
OrderImport orders, order lists, download face orders, export, apply for interception, cancel interception, and query logistics trajectories
FinanceView customer, store transaction records, manual recharge, deduction, review transaction records, add customer credit limit
Cargo StationParcels are weighed into the warehouse, added to batches, single tickets, whole batches of orders, sent to the airport, arrived at the airport, customs clearance confirmed receipt, customs clearance completed
CenterRoute tariff query, add blacklist, add compulsory ID card list
ConfigurationBasic configuration of system unit, order number rules, exchange rate, etc., add warehouse, add store, import reserved order number, set customer, store exclusive channel price, create airport and port, create supplier, configure article, configure advertisement map

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