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We Provide Multiple Solutions

Multiple ways of cooperation

E-commerce solutions

• Storage reminder

When the package is in the warehouse, it will automatically send a message to the user, reminding the user that the package has been put in the warehouse, and let the user proceed to the next step.

• Payment reminder

When the order is packaged, the user will reminded to pay.

• Shipment reminder

When the order is shipped, the user is prompted that the order has been shipped, and the user can perform logistics inquiries to track the status.

Cross-border Logistics Express System Solutions

Cloud Warehouse Solution

An independent and shared warehouse management platform designed for cross-border logistics warehousing and overseas warehousing

Multi-warehouse management

Cloud warehouse overseas warehouse management

Third-party platform order management

Support Hardware

Efficient working methods, besides software, you may also need to be automated through hardware to solve frequently repeated tasks in common tasks.

Cloudchain is not only a software solution company, but also provides you with an overall solution combined with common hardware on the market

Barcode Scanner
Electronic Scale
All-in-one Machine
Sorting Equipment
Automatic Measuring Equipment
Electronic Sorting Light