Dolphin Private Line Packet System

A system tailored for cross-border postal parcels, international parcels, and international express delivery. For consolidation services, please visit Seagull Consolidation System

The Desktop Software of the Dolphin Private Line Small Packet System Warehouse

The desktop terminal of the warehouse is a software product that facilitates the combination of warehouse operators and hardware. Through the desktop terminal, various hardware devices can be connected, including printers, code scanners, cameras, electronic scales, quick weighing integrated machines, and weighing integrated machines

Warehouse Function List

LoginOnly authorized users to log in to the desktop
WarehouseOnly display authorized warehouses, switch different warehouse data according to the selected warehouse
Home PageDisplay the console, display the current warehouse, packages to be shipped, batches to be shipped, quick logistics query, quick package storage, display the storage chart
PackageDisplay all packages in the warehouse, according to different status, order store, order time range, search keywords to display the results, and support printing standard receipts, printing landing receipts, logistics query
Cargo BoxDisplay the declared cargo box, you can also build your own cargo box, which can be used for small boxes and large boxes for delivery
Cargo stationWarehousing: support package warehousing, weighing, photographing, data reporting, batch management: manage the delivered packages in batches, centralize the delivery and change order declaration processing, and pack the packages: combine multiple packages in a centralized container Shipment, container storage: container storage, weighing, size measurement

Several international logistics warehouse hardware